What is Hands On SA?

 We can offer you thousands of MP3 or MIDI  backing files to enhance your performance!


Steadily growing and always on the lookout to see what we can do for you. 

Hands On S.A. has built a fantastic reputation for service, reliability, quality but above all going the extra mile for its clients.
We have a very comprehensive and large selection of excellent quality MP3 and a substantial MIDI file library
It's probably easiest for you to send us a query of the songs you are after and we will check for you, as the catalogues were changing so rapidly, we couldn't keep u p!

The difference between MIDI and Audio files is:

that MIDI files are computerized backing tracks, you can change the key, tempo or instruments within the song and there are NO backing vocals.   Sadly, this is not a very popular format anymore, so the chances of getting the latest tracks in MIDI are getting slim!

However, with Audio or MP3 tracks, it is often programmed with live instruments, some of them have backing vocals and it is a professionally mastered recording.  It is very tricky to change the key (at most 3 semitones either up or down), and you cannot change the instruments or the tempo.

Hands On History

We started Hands On MIDI Software SA in September 1994, and in 2003, we relocated Hands On SA to Fourways, Gauteng, South Africa.   We have both been actively involved in the music industry in both the UK and South Africa for a collective +-80 years!  Hands On have the utmost faith in our musicians and firmly believe that South Africa has made, and will make, a marked stand in the international market.  We are asbolutely 100% dedicated to achieving this goal and will do everything possible to help our local (and international) musicians get there, especially by keeping their performances up to a professional standard when it comes to backing tracks. 

Pete's history


Started playing at age 11

Formed the group Rival World in Hull, Yorkshire, which was extremely successful

Toured with Rival World for 23 Years.

Came to South Africa in 1988 and after a two man duo with Mike Hallat, formed Body Heat , Belladonna, Smooth, and finally Smile, A beach Boy Tribute band.

Been active in the music game for over 50 years

Pete relocated back to Hull in Yorkshire in 2014, leaving Hands On in Jann's capable hands!

Sadly, Pete succumbed to Covid on 1st January 2021


Jann's History


Started out in 1985 with Clive Dryden in China White

Hence performing professionally for 30+ years.

Played with various outfits before joining up with Pete in Body Heat, Belladonna and Smooth and finally, landing up a solo artist and playing with a 5 piece outfit, Bite.

Did 8 years Opera Training with Joyce Barker of Wits University

Qualified teacher in singing and vocal techniques

Has Performed in many musicals, including Fiddler on the Roof with CAPAB and The Boyfriend WITS

First public performance aged 4

Still performing regularly and now the sole proprietor of Hands On!